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If you wish to help support research and education on cannabis-based medicines a registered charity has been set up to do just this and you can make an online donation.
Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation
Registered Charity No. 1077123
Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation
Porton Down Science Park
T:+44 (0) 1980 619 193
F:+44 (0) 1980 619 111
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Applying For A Grant
If you are thinking of applying to the Foundation for a grant please read this section carefully to avoid preparing an application that is not eligible. All applications falling outside our criteria will not be considered. All decisions of whether to award funding or not are made entirely at the discretion of the Trustees and their decision is final.
Feasibility Criteria

Please note that the following considerations will form part of the criteria upon which applications are assessed so please consider whether you can meet these before proceeding.

  • Is the Project appropriate for charity funding?(ie Is it likely to benefit the public?)
  • If the Project leads to the development of Intellectual Property Rights are you prepared to share the revenue from these rights because the Foundation would expect to benefit from any revenue resulting from IPR created in research funded by the Foundation.
  • Have you undertaken a review of existing research to ensure the planned research has not already been undertaken?
  • Is the outcome likely to be of practical importance, not just of academic interest?
  • Is the amount of funding requested reasonable? Is the Project costed appropriately?
  • Do you have access to the proper storage facilities for Schedule I drugs?
    (Storage facilities will be subject to review by Home Office)
  • Do you have indemnity insurance?
What will the Foundation fund?
The Trustees will consider applications to fund high quality research in the medicinal cannabis field from a wide range of applicants. You do not have to be a registered charity or an academic to apply. The Foundation will consider co-funding research projects alongside other organizations.

Grants will only be made to support specific projects, they will not be made to an organization for general expenditure. No grants will be made to individuals unless to fund a medicinal cannabis research project carried out by that individual. The Foundation will make grants for equipment, running costs, patient travel expenses where appropriate, staff costs and material costs for research projects but will not make grants for buildings or building work.

We cannot give an indication of the size of grants likely to be available from the Foundation because the level of research we are able to support is entirely dependent on the level of donations we receive from our supporters.

First Step: Contact us and request a preliminary application form
Send to:

The Executive Director
The Medicinal Cannabis Research Foundation
Porton Down Science Park, Salisbury,
Wilts, SP4 0JQ
Tel: 01980 619193
Fax: 01980 619 111

Preliminary applications can be submitted at any time. We will review your preliminary application and advise you whether or not you have been invited to submit a full application.

The Next Step: Presentation to the Trustees
If we decide to take your application further we will ask for additional information for presentation to the Trustees. Trustee meetings will usually be held in October, February and June but these are subject to change. The further information we will request from you will be the study protocol (if relevant), CVs for all staff involved, full costing and your organisation's financial accounts. The Trustees may also request to meet applicants before making a final decision whether to award funding.