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What is the purpose of the clinical trial programme?
The GW research programme is designed to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of cannabis-based medicine extracts in the treatment of a variety of medical conditions. GW has access to a "library" of cannabis plant varieties that have been bred to exhibit a pre-determined cannabinoid composition. The trials will assess which of these strains is most effective in the treatment the different medical conditions that can be helped by these medicines.

It is equally important that the medicine is delivered to the patient in the most effective way acceptable to patients. This is why the programme will use a variety of delivery methods including inhalers and sub-lingual sprays under the tongue.

The clinical trials programme is also designed to fulfil the requirements of the Medicines Control Agency (UK), Food and Drug Administration (US) and other regulatory authorities around the world. GW is committed to testing and demonstrating the safety and efficacy of its products using research that meets the highest standards of Good Clinical Practice.

What clinical trials are already underway or planned?
The first trials involving patients will begin in the next few months in the UK. These trials will use the n-of-1 methodology with patients receiving a different test preparation in each period of the study. During the course of the trial each patient will be given a placebo and several active test preparations and the effects of each on their medical condition monitored. If one or more of the active preparations result in an improvement in health the patient can then choose to continue to receive an active preparation as part of a long term safety study.

This trial design meets our moral obligation to patients so that they can benefit from cannabis-based medicines as quickly as possible and will provide essential information which will be used to design larger group studies. In addition to the UK we are planning to undertake an international clinical trials programme.

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The use of cannabis, even for medical purposes, is illegal. All research as part of the UK Medicinal Cannabis Project is carried out under government licences. The Project does not condone or encourage the use of cannabis outside approved clinical trials.