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Medical Cannabis Links
Cannabis Science and Research
The Science of Medical Marijuana
A site sponsored by the political group Americans for Medical Rights containing a large body of recent scientific evidence supporting the efficacy of medical cannabis.

International Cannabinoid Research Society
The ICRS is an organization dedicated to research in all fields related to cannabinoids. They strive to be a resource for accurate scientific information on everything from receptor sites in the brain to cannabis addiction.

THC Information Page
This is a single page of general information about THC, the main active constituent in cannabis. It discusses the metabolism of THC in the body and how it relates to fat-soluble vitamins.

The Internet Community for Biological and Medical Researchers
A search engine for all health related articles. Most useful for researchers.

Cannabinoid Science Internet Mailing List
A forum for cannabinoid researchers to connect with others via the internet to discuss their topics of study.

Falcon Cove Biology Laboratory
A resource list of organizations related to medical cannabis ranging from scientific to political to medical.

MAPS Medical Marijuana Research
An exceptional collection of information regarding the status of medical cannabis in the United States. This site contains up-to-date news, research currently under way, and a search engine.

Cannabis Research Library
This library contains valuable information about the endogenous cannabinoid system and the therapeutic potential of cannabinoid drugs. This library is designed to help medical professionals, researchers, and individuals to become more aware of the effects of cannabis.

United States National Library of Medicine
An extensive site full of resources for the health researcher. Several databases to search, catalogs, news, research programmes, and general information on specific conditions.

The Royal Society
An official scientific response to questions posed by the House of Lords regarding medical cannabis.

Research Findings on Medicinal Properties of Marijuana
A well-organized site constructed in response to the passage of medical cannabis legislation in California in 1996. The site includes information on the political status of the medicine as well as a brief history of medical use and scientific research. A good site for all-around cannabis information.

The Independent Drug Monitoring Unit (I.D.M.U. LTD)
The Independent Drug Monitoring Unit (I.D.M.U. LTD) is an independent research consultancy conducting original research, including large-scale surveys of drug users, and providing expert evidence to the courts in criminal cases involving controlled drugs. IDMU seek to provide accurate up to date and impartial advice and information on issues surrounding illegal drugs to all parties within the debate on drugs policy. The main service provided by IDMU is expert evidence to the criminal courts on most aspects of drug misuse, including comment on consumption patterns, valuations, effects, paraphernalia and yields of cannabis cultivation systems. This is based on existing published studies and our own independent research projects.

Neil M. Montgomery - Consultant Anthropologist to the UK Medicinal Cannabis Project
Neil Montgomery is a Social Anthropologist specialising in the relationships between individuals, society and the cannabis plant. He has considerable experience as an Expert Witness in the Sheriff Courts and High Courts of Scotland and the Crown Courts in England, being employed principally, but not exclusively, in cultivation cases. Taking a keen interest in patterns of consumption, his research into purity and dosage was of particular interest to the House of Lords and his practicable categorisation of consumption levels has since been widely adopted.