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Medical Cannabis Links
Medical Marijuana Organizations and Resources
The Medical Marijuana Magazine
This site focuses on the political climate for medical cannabis in the United States. It has a direct link to the Schaeffer Library which is a great resource for information on psychoactive substances.

The Institute of Medical Marijuana
This page is hosted by James Burton, the first legal medical cannabis patient in the Netherlands. His organization is dedicated to disseminating accurate information and supporting the availability of cannabis medicines.

Medical Marijuana in the News
Up-to-date news concerning medical cannabis in the United States.

Marijuana as Medicine- Institute of Medicine
This is the official Institute of Medicine report requested by the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy as a result of a national conference in Washington DC in 1997. The report discusses the issues around medical cannabis including effects and potential risks, and legal status.

Contigo- Conmigo: Information on Medical Cannabis
A not-for-profit educational organization dedicated to supporting, through education and advocacy, patients who use marijuana for relief from their suffering.

Medical Cannabis Bibliography
A list of books, medical journal articles, and other websites for medical cannabis information.

Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics
Information about medical uses of cannabis, clinical studies, political action, and legal cases.

Workshop on the Medical Utility of Marijuana
A official response by a group of ad hoc researchers to the National Institute of Health to questions concerning the potential therapeutic value of cannabis and the need for further research.

Delphi Medical Marijuana Forum
A forum designed to allow the expression of concerns and views with regard to the personal and social ramifications of justified medical use of cannabis.

Marihuana: The Forbidden Medicine
This site is devoted to the exchange of information about the use of cannabis as a medicine. The hosts are members of the faculty of the Harvard Medical School who have been studying cannabis for many years.

Tod H.Mikuriya, M.D.
A well-respected authority on medical cannabis, Dr. Mikuriya offers information on the the history and use of cannabis as well as information on drug and social policy.

Bloc Quebecois Medical Marijuana Page
A site discussing the debate in the Canadian Parliament around the issue of medical cannabis.

The Arachnoiditis Trust