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For those who wish to help the Project, a registered charity has been set up to fund research in this area and on-line donations can be made.
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Medical Cannabis Links
Other Resources

House of Lords Report
Information on the history of use and pharmacology of cannabis followed by a discussion of medical efficacy and relaxation of the laws for medical and recreational use.

The Lindesmith Center
The foremost organization focusing on the reform of drug laws.

This is the official Marinol page sponsored by Roxanne Laboratories. It includes a discussion on the use, availability, and legal status of Marinol- the synthetic THC pill.

The primary objective of this website is to educate and inform. The world-wide focus is on democracy, human rights, press freedom, corruption and the rule of law. World Audit is aimed at anyone with an interest in these topics, from professional human rights journalists to first-time users of the world wide web.

* This site contains lots of links to other informative sites on cannabis